Ceramic bearings

Our wear-free ceramic bearings are composed of individual ceramic balls which are kept apart in a PTFE ring. The outer and inner rings are also made of ceramic. This extremely hard material ensures that the rings and balls grind any potential soiling without any kind of deformation or damage to the rings and balls themselves. For this reason, there is no longer any need for the wear maintenance required for conventional carbon bearings.

We use double-row self-aligning ball bearings in most machines, because these can compensate alignment faults due to incorrect roller mounting better than grooved ball bearings.

Carbon bearings become worn relatively quickly, in some cases they only last for up to three months. The roller journals inserted in the bearing also wear quickly, resulting in more and more clearance, which again speeds up the wearing process. Otto Pricken offers a new system to replace carbon bearings, for which the roller journals can be turned to a smaller diameter which is compensated by a special tapered spare part and can then be fitted into the existing bearing shell with a new ceramic bearing.