Maschinen nach Maß

From project planning through to production: Precise. Individual. Top quality.

Industrial machines are available in numerous variants: They are large or small. They punch, press, cut or coat. They dispense or pack. They mill, remove material or weld. Yet there is one thing all these machines have in common: They make people's everyday work easier.
And that is exactly what we aim to do: We develop and construct machines which make your work easier. And for our machines to be able to do this, we focus exclusively on your specific needs during planning and construction. Our promise: You won't get an "off-the-peg" solution from us. What you will get is an overall concept precisely tailored to your final product. We cover the whole spectrum of custom machine construction: Starting from the initial project idea through planning, construction and production to control and programming and various services. You alone decide which development stages of your project are to be supported by our experienced engineers and designers. We look forward to getting to know you and your ideas!

  • Zentrifuge
  • Automat für radiale Bauelemte
  • Transitorbiege- und Schneidemaschine
  • Excenterpresse
  • Biege- und Schneidevorrichtung
  • Vakuumkammer für Vergußteile
  • Nutzentrenner
  • Montageautomat für Hybride
  • Montageautomat für Hybride
  • Reparatur-Lötsystem
  • Montagevorrichtung
  • Schneidevorrichtung
  • Schaltzyklustester
  • Fügevorrichtung
  • Sortieranlage
  • Fügewerkzeug mit Presse
  • Tauchlackieranlage
  • Glasverwiegung
  • Beschriftungsanlage LAVAZZA
  • Schweißvorrichtung
  • Servicewagen
  • Rüstwagen LP-Unterstützung
  • Montageplatz
  • Gewindeschneideanlage Türbolzen
  • Säge-Stanzeinheit für Al Leisten
  • Wellenprüfstand bis 15.000 U/min
  • Montagelinie mit Kameraüberwachung
  • Servo-Bohranlage für Langprofile

Our motto

“You have an idea, we realize it!”

Tailor-made machine construction. Precise. Individual. Top quality.