Our future has a long tradition. The experience and skills gained over more than 100 years and our extensive engineering know-how form the basis for the further positive development of our company.

Wichelhaus eröffnet Werk 3 in Solingen
Expansion: Wichelhaus opens Plant 3 in Solingen. It is no longer possible to separate production and final assembly in Plant 1 at the Feuerbachstraße site. A separate hall is required to meet the demanding requirements of final assembly and to enable access for special systems.
Growth: The plant and machinery manufacturer HK electronic is taken over and transferred into the independent company WICO Production GmbH. With production facilities located near Karlsruhe, Wichelhaus GmbH & Co. KG is now represented in the important economic region of Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate.
Übernahme von HK electronic
Vario Line Jigger
New development: A completely newly developed machine of the vario line jigger type is installed at the University of Applied Sciences for Textile Design in Mönchengladbach for training and development purposes.
Textile machine: Wichelhaus takes over the textile segment of Otto Pricken GmbH and is now one of the few suppliers of jigger dyeing machines in Europe.
Übernahme des Textilbereichs der Otto Pricken GmbH
Umfirmierung in Wichelhaus GmbH & Co. KG Maschinenfabrik
Reorganisation: The company adapts internal structures on account of continued growth and is renamed Wichelhaus GmbH & Co. KG Maschinenfabrik.
Restructuring: Anja Demtröder is designated as authorised company representative and takes over as commercial director. Wichelhaus & Co. thus adapts its internal structures to the industrial standard and improves its capacity to act.
Anpassung der internen Strukturen
Integration des technischen Bereichs der Kista GmbH
Integration: The technical division of the insolvant Kista GmbH from Wuppertal is integrated in Wichelhaus & Co.
Partnership: Wichelhaus & Co becomes the official service partner of Suhner Automation GmbH and operates a Suhner spare parts warehouse in Solingen with trained staff.
Partnerschaft mit Suhner Automation GmbH
Verdoppelung der Fertigungsfläche
Move: Wichelhaus & Co doubles its manufacturing space and moves from the Rosenkamperstraße to the Feuerbachstraße.
Takeover: Jörg Demtröder takes over Wichelhaus & Co and expands the core business. The company now offers custom solutions in the industrial automation segment.
Erweiterung des Kerngeschäfts um Sonderlösungen in der industriellen Automation
Farewell: Hermann Wichelhaus retires. Rolf Wolferts becomes sole managing director.
Change: Rolf Wolferts joins the company as a personally liable partner. Hermann Wichelhaus becomes a limited partner.
Internationalen Erfolg mit patentierten Schleifmaschinen
Return: After a 16-year interval without development work, Wichelhaus & Co. is constructing machines again and achieves international success with the patented grinding machines.
Division: Wichelhaus is divided into the independent companies H. Wichelhaus and Wichelhaus & Co. Hermann Wichelhaus, who shifts company focus from machine construction to industry and automotive accessories, is managing director of Wichelhaus & Co.
August Wichelhaus entwickelt Maschine zum schleifen von Rasierklingen
Foundation: August Wichelaus develops, constructs and sells a machine for manufacturing and grinding razor blades.

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