Active health protection and safeguarding of production processes in one system.
For the requirements of our industrial customers for traceability (tracing) of equipment and goods in the plant environment, we have been using our Guard2B MDE module for years. This enables our customers to monitor their process chains safely and efficiently.

The Guard2B Health module, which we have developed together with BIMANU GmbH, is an excellent solution, especially with regard to the high requirements and necessities in the area of health care, to protect the personnel and their health and still maintain the production process in the best possible way in the case of an infection of individual or several employees through precise data analysis and documentation. This enables our customers to keep their responsibility for corporate and economic goals equally in view with those of employee health protection.


Especially in production areas, logistics centers or other service companies with a high number of employees, health protection distance regulations are often difficult to comply with without slowing down or interrupting the flow of production or goods in the long term.

The most common cause: narrow paths between machines and equipment and/or employees who have to constantly change workplaces All these situations entail the risk of having to shut down the entire operation in the event of a single infected employee, as it has not been possible to trace the infection chains in such an environment.


  • Effective tracing of infection chains
  • Rapid identification of areas where concrete measures need to be taken to improve health protection
  • No need to collect personal data


  • Each employee carries an anonymized chip during working hours.
  • Contact recording when two employees come closer than 2 m for more than 10 minutes, for example (adjustable)
  • Ensuring that only constellations are recorded that could pose a potential risk in terms of health protection
  • Visualization of data in various dashboards
  • Determination of contact behavior in real time
  • Tracking enables fast and targeted information of employees

Optional: Use of location marker technology

  • Installation of location sensors in relevant areas.
  • Connection of chip data with location identification in the building
  • Identification of areas with increased risk potential enables targeted action management

The scope of data collection and analysis options are fully customizable to local specifics and business requirements.

“With Guard2B Health, we have developed a multifunctionally applicable solution that provides the relevant data in a timely manner, especially now but also for the future, that is needed to avoid massive damage due to loss of production time or interruption of the flow of goods.“

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